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WeChat opens to iBeacon

Since last Chinese New Year Eve’s event on CCTV, 700 million Chinese know that shaking their mobile phones could be rewarding. Today, 383 million Wechat active users can potentially receive any promotion, discounts on their smartphone activating their Bluetooth and shaking their phones whenever they see the shake icon.

iBeacon holds tremendous promise for the retail industry by providing a more customized approach to in-store shopping. This potential led AppleMacy’s and Waitrose to become early adopters. Geolocation and beacons allow brands to give people exactly what they need, exactly when they need it.

The only condition is having the app and the beacon, which may be a challenge in Western countries for the moment. In China, doors are already opened !

A promise for the retail industry: a more customized approach to in-store shopping.

A beacon transmits a signal to the smartphone, which prompts an app to open.

A Bluetooth activation, avoiding Internet problem in certain areas.