Shake shake

Shake Shake: 2015 Chinese New Year’s Eve Revolution

The Chine state TV show and Wechat twisted the Chinese New Year’s Eve show giving away RMB 500 million (US$80 million) in cash to viewers via the shake functionality.

WeChat said it received 11 billion shakes during the show. The peak was reached at 10:34 pm, with WeChat reporting 810 million shakes a minute and 120 million red envelopes being sent out (total 1 billion). More importantly, 700 million Chinese now know that their Bluetooth option have to be open constantly.

WeChat overthrilled its target on people under 30 considered as the trendiest. A media bait which could well make gain future subscription to WeChat.

11 billions shakes & 200 million credit cards combined

A Bluetooth activation, avoiding Internet problem in certain areas.

The shaking map at 8pm February 18th during the show :

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