Longchamp launches its digital flagship! Launched early in the new year, this is in fact a new version of its website in the form of a new Digital Flagship equipped with a nifty creative platform. Apart from being a superb shop-window, this refined new website combines in-house content with e-commerce features, and acts as a new online showcase for the brand. Pages have been simplified to ensure more effective use of space and site users can at least now see the product with their own eyes. This is one of the first websites in the luxury sector developed in consideration of  "responsive design" - a highly innovative choice that adapts to all screen sizes, with customised browsing and aesthetics adapted to every support. The website was designed to express two key values of the luxury sector: refinement and simplicity, so as to immerse the user in the atmosphere of a real boutique. The website will come online during the course of 2013 in all countries, and was launched in Europe in January 2013.