SAME SAME assists FREYWILLE in the development of its social media operations.

Counseling in the social media, conducting of an information-gathering survey of FREYWILLE's exposure on the main social networks, of its operational sector and its competitors
Creation and Community Management of the FREYWILLE France Facebook page


Building up its reputation thanks to a highly original vision of jewellery, combined with an extremely high level of technical achievement, the FREYWILLE brand image took shape during the 1980s.
During this period a team of young designers, gilders, goldsmiths and master enamellers conceived a new design philosophy for enamel-based artistic jewellery.

With the humanist values that are close to the brand's heart, and taking its inspiration from the Greco-Roman period right through to contemporary art, including major European artists such as Klimt and Mucha, each FREYWILLE collection represents a new creative process, the perfect transcription of a constantly reinvented source of inspiration.