PLAYSTATION – Paris Games Week
An event-oriented minisite offering gifts and passes for PGW.

A minisite for players, expanding the poker experience beyond the card-table.

Expert community management in the world of poker, to expand awareness and emphasize the difference

Events – Talk: "Luxury Brands"
Presentation by Michel Campan at the "Luxury Brands" conference in Shanghai

The first international video media developed for the Facebook/Cell-phone revolution

A strategy for generating international traffic to increase awareness and sales

CLARINS - Vital Light online operation
This international campaign was led for the Vital Light product launch with datacatching purposes

UNIVERSAL MUSIC MOBILE - Facebook application
with the « Boost My Birthday » Facebook application...

SOCIETE GENERALE – Visual identity for Vivier RH International
A makeover of Vivier RH International's online and print-media visual identity